Annual Publications


Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago reviews the Bank’s operations during the preceding financial year. The Report also includes an auditor-certified copy of the annual audited statement of accounts. View or save the reports by clicking on the years below.


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Annual Economic Survey

The Central Bank's Annual Economic Survey (AES) is published in March of each year and reviews the economic developments which occurred during the previous year in various sectors of the Trinidad and Tobago economy. For Annual Economic Survey reports prior to 2000, please contact the Bank via the phone numbers and email address in the Contacts section.

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Balance of Payments Report

The Balance of Payments Report (BOP) is published annually and prepared by the Central Bank in collaboration with the Central Statistical Office. The Report contains an overview of the economic developments and an analysis of the trade and payments transactions between Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the world.


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Financial Stability Report

The Financial Stability Report (FSR) is produced annually in March, for the previous calendar year. It summarizes macroeconomic developments and local indicators of the health of the Trinidad and Tobago financial systems.


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Annual Report on Insurance and Pensions

The Report on Insurance and Pensions is an annual publication on the administration of the Insurance Act during the year which includes statistical information on all insurance companies, insurance intermediaries and pension fund plans that are registered in Trinidad and Tobago.


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