Art Collection


The Central Bank’s Art Collection is perhaps the largest private art collection in the country with more than 150 pieces. Paintings make up about seventy-five percent of the collection, in oils and watercolour. The remainder comprises works in mixed media, photographs and sculptures in wood, copper, ceramic and concrete.The collection includes the works of numerous renowned Trinidad and Tobago artists including LeRoy Clarke, Jackie Hinkson, Pat Bishop, Carlisle Chang, Sybil Atteck, Ken Morris, Sonnylal Rambissoon, Marguerite Wyke, Garnet Ifill, Luise Kimme, Peter Minshall and Che Lovelace.


The Bank has always been committed to sharing its collection with the public and periodically mounts exhibitions to provide this opportunity. The Bank has produced a book entitled: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago – Four Decades of Pride which showcases many of the pieces in the collection.


Additional information on regional and local artists can be found on the website of the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society.


Artist: Arthur Magin

Title:  Aquarius


Artist: Audley Sue Wing

Title: Cannes Brullees

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Norris Iton

Title: Ancestral Landscape

(Lightning Power)

Medium: Screen Print

Artist: Lisa Bissoon

Title: Serenity

Medium: Water Colours

Artist: Clyde Madeiro

Title: Flying Kite

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artist: Knolly Greenidge

Title: Morvant Hills

Medium: Watercolour

Artist: Ken Morris

Title: Mask

Medium: Mixed Metals

Artist: Willi Chen

Title: Red Coast 1

Medium: Oil on hardboard