For Performers and Producers
The Auditorium has a seating capacity for 411 (Seating Plan). In addition to the stage itself, there are two dressing rooms, each of which can accommodate up to eight (8) persons. A production/box office is also available at the street level.


The Lights
The lighting system comprises some of the top brand names in the world of theatrical lighting. An ETC Expression 3 Lighting Console is the main system used with an additional array of lighting fixtures. A 96 dimmer per circuit system exists. These circuits are distributed along the balcony rail, side ports, forestage grid and deck.


The Sound System
The system is headed by a Yamaha MC7L digital console.  An array of speakers by Clair Brothers and JBL provide sound reinforcement for the facility. Also, there exists a wide assortment of microphones some of which include Shure, Crown, AKG and Rode.