Senior Managers

The Executive Management is supported by the Senior Managers team which oversees the daily activities of the Bank and assists with the developing of policy, systems and controls to govern its operations.


The current incumbents at the Senior Manager level are:

Arvinder Bharath Ms. Marie Borely

Mrs. Arvinder Bharath

Senior Manager,
Financial Technology & Information Security

Ms. Marie Borely

Senior Manager,
Finance, Accounting & Support Services

Ms. Nicole Chapman

Senior Manager,
Legal, Contract &
Corporate Secretariat

Mrs. Nicole Crooks Dianne Pierre

Mrs. Nicole Crooks         

Senior Manager,
Human Resources, Industrial & External Relations

Mrs. Michelle

Deputy Inspector,
Banks, Non-Banks & Payment Systems Oversight

Ms. Dianne Pierre

Senior Specialist Advisor,
Strategic Projects

Mr. Alister Noel

Mr Patrick Solomon


Mr. Alister Noel

Senior Manager,

Mr. Patrick Solomon

Senior Specialist Advisor,
Corporate Governance, Controls & Compliance


Senior Managers are assisted by line Managers and Assistant Managers who have responsibilities for individual Departments.