Monetary Policy Committee


The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is responsible for the development and implementation of the Bank’s monetary policy framework. This Committee sets the ‘Repo’ rate, issues the bi-monthly Monetary Policy Announcement and oversees the preparation and publication of the semi-annual Monetary Policy Report.  

The MPC is advised by a Monetary Policy Secretariat (MPS) which undertakes on-going analysis of the latest economic and financial information and makes recommendations to the Monetary Policy Committee about the most appropriate monetary policy stance. The MPS is chaired by the Manager of Research and comprises staff from the Research, Information Services-Statistics Division and Reserves and Domestic Market Management Departments.  


Members of the Monetary Policy Committee

Dr. Alvin Hilaire
Governor and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Sandra Sookram
Deputy Governor


Mr. Alister Noel
Senior Manager Operations

Mr. Garnet Samuel
Manager, Research