The Trinidad and Tobago Coat of Arms appears on the front of each denomination of notes together with a vignette of a local bird, while the reverse side showcases the Central Bank building and a scene that is integral to the economic life of the country. Notes are colour coded by denomination - the $1 is red, the $5 is green, the $10 is grey, the $20 is purple, the $50 is olive green and the $100 is blue.


Frequently Asked Questions on the new $50.00 Banknote

What's In Your Pocket?


Some key characteristics of the currency notes are shown below:

Upgraded 1 Dollar Note


Upgraded 5 Dollar Note


Upgraded 10 Dollar Note


Upgraded 20 Dollar Note


New 50 Dollar Note


Upgraded 100 Dollar Note


2006 Banknote Series Enhancements

The 2006 currency notes will now include a series of raised bars at the top left and right hand sides of each denomination to assist the visually impaired. Please see the table below which includes full details on this feature. These notes will contain all other security features associated with the 2006 series.

Denomination Details
$1 2 horizontal bars with value numeral 1 in the top bar
$5 3 horizontal bars with value numeral 5 in the top bar
$10 4 horizontal bars with value numeral 10 in the top bar
$20 5 horizontal bars with value numeral 20 in the top bar
$50 6 horizontal bars with value numeral 50 in the top bar
$100 7 horizontal bars with value numeral 100 in the top bar


Notes bearing the signature of Governor Jwala Rambarran went into circulation in November 2013. All previous bills remain legal tender.