The Trinidad and Tobago Coat of Arms appears on the front of each denomination of notes together with a vignette of a local bird, while the reverse side showcases the Central Bank building and a scene that is integral to the economic life of the country. Notes are colour coded by denomination - the $1 is red, the $5 is green, the $10 is grey, the $20 is purple, the $50 is olive green and the $100 is blue. Both 2014 and 2015 series of the polymer $50 note are golden in colour.


Know Your Money 2017 - Presentation
Know Your Money - TT $50 Polymer Bank Note
Know Your Money - Bank Notes Security Features


Trinidad and Tobago's Currency Notes



Upgraded 1 Dollar Note
Upgraded 5 Dollar Note
Upgraded 10 Dollar Note
Upgraded 20 Dollar Note
50 Dollar Note


Series 2014 Polymer $50


Upgraded Series 2015 Polymer $50


Upgraded 100 Dollar Note

CHOGM Commemorative 100 Dollar Note


All previous notes remain legal tender.