Regulatory Returns and Instructions

Registered insurance institutions are required to submit certain reports to Central Bank quarterly and annually.

The Quarterly Returns (version 4.1) are to be completed by all insurance companies at the end of each quarter. The returns are comprised of the following forms:-

CB-20 - The Balance Sheet and Schedules
CB-40 - The Income Statement and Schedules
CB-201 - Investment Exposure
CB-202 - Liability Exposure
Statutory Deposit Requirement
Statutory Fund – Requirement in Respect of Long Term Insurance Business
Statutory Fund Motor – Requirement in Respect of Motor Vehicle Insurance Business

The downloadable instructions listed below provide guidance on completing the forms and includes definitions of terms used.

Instructions for Completion of CB20 (version 4)

Appendix to Instructions for CB20 Return

Instructions for Completion of CB40 (version 4)

Annual Returns

Insurance Act Annual Statement

Insurance Act Annual Returns D2 Schedule

Key Personnel of Company and Operations (Insurance Companies) (2)


Form B4 Schedules in respect of General Insurance Business


Claims run-off data (2016):

     1. TT
     2. Non-TT


Guidance Document for Form B4 Schedule


Why are regular returns required?

The Central Bank mandates these returns in order to:

  • Secure regular reporting on the financial condition and performance of all insurance companies
  • Ensure consistent and standardized information among reporting institutions; and
  • Aggregate data for the purpose of assessing the performance of insurance industry as a whole.

Returns should also be e-mailed to