Secondary Market


The 'primary market' refers to the sale of a bond directly by government to a buyer, that is, the first-time issue of the bond. The 'secondary market' refers to the subsequent trading in these bonds, after their date of issue but before their maturity date.

A list of institutions authorized to trade in bonds is provided below. You can also read or download more information on the bond trading here, in two parts:  Brochure Part 1       Brochure Part 2


Institutions Authorized to Trade Government Bonds (Exchange Members)


  • West Indies Stockbrokers Limited MARKET BOND
  • Caribbean Stockbrokers Limited
  • AIC Securities Limited TRADING
  • Republic Securities Limited
  • Bourse Securities Limited
  • First Citizens Brokerage and Advisory Services Limited
  • Scotia Investments Limited



  • ANSA Merchant Bank Limited
  • Citicorp Merchant Bank Limited
  • First Citizens Bank Limited
  • Intercommercial Bank Limited
  • Republic Bank Limited 
  • RBTT Merchant Bank Limited
  • Scotiatrust and Merchant Bank Limited
  • Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited 
  • First Citizens Investment Services Limited
  • Bourse Securities Limited