Semi-Annual Publications


Economic Bulletin

The Economic Bulletin (EB), which is published in twice per year, reviews the condition of the Trinidad and Tobago economy. The EB analyzes changes in economic growth, monetary aggregates, fiscal operations of the Government and the external accounts of the Trinidad and Tobago economy. Once a year, the Bulletin includes an Annex containing statistics on the Operating Results of the Financial System (ORFS)


2017    March     Appendix Tables for March

2016    March Economic Bulletin (updated on April 14, 2016)    Appendix Tables for March   July

2015    January    July

2014    January    August  Annex to August Bulletin - OFRS

2013    January    July    Annex to July Bulletin - ORFS

2012    January    July    Annex to July Bulletin - ORFS

2011    January    July    Annex to July Bulletin - ORFS

2010     January   July    Annex to July Bulletin - ORFS

2009     July     Annex to July Bulletin - ORFS

2008     May     August

2007     May     August     November   Annex to November Bulletin - ORFS

2006     May     August     November

2005     May     August     November

2004     May                       November

2003     May     August     November


Statistical Digest

The Statistical Digest presents semi-annual statistics on the financial system. Reported statistics include data on the banking system, Central Bank and commercial banks assets and liabilities, interest rates and capital market indicators, and retail and commodity prices. This digest has been discontinued in this format. Please refer to the Data Centre for available data.

2013     June    December

2012     June

2011     June     December

2010     June     December

2009     June     December

2008     June     December

2007     June     December

2006     June     December

2005     June     December

2004     June     December

2003     March   June

2002     September


Monetary Policy Report

The Monetary Policy Report (MPR) is published twice a year and provides an explanation of the monetary policy measures pursued by the Central Bank. The Report also analyzes the impact of these measures on the domestic economy.

2017     May

2016     May                                            November
              PowerPoint Presentation       PowerPoint Presentation

2015     May      November

2014     May      December

2013     April     November

2012     April     October

2011     April     November

2010     April     October

2009     April     October

2008     April     October

2007     April     October

2006     April     October

2005     April     October