External Relations


The External Relations Department is responsible for communications both within the Central Bank and externally to the national community.

The Bank is committed to explaining the monetary policy framework within which it operates, and External Relations communicates with external stakeholders via various publications, press conferences and media releases on matters of economic and monetary significance. The Bank’s website is a key medium for circulating this information and it is updated and managed by External Relations. The Department also plays a critical role in managing the Bank’s relationship with the media.

External Relations is responsible for ensuring that official bank publications, as well as advertisements and other documentation, are printed and published to a high standard of professionalism. Some documents are published in-house while others are prepared through external printers.

Another of the Department’s roles is to plan major public events. This includes the Bank’s flagship event, the annual Dr. Eric Williams Memorial Lecture, which was conceived as a tribute to Trinidad and Tobago’s first Prime Minister, as well as community education and outreach projects and corporate events. The Central Bank Auditorium, which is the venue for many public and Bank productions, is also part of the Department's portfolio.

The Bank’s Money Museum and Art Collection are also managed by the External Relations Department. The Money Museum was first opened in 2004 in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Central Bank. It is one of the major outreach arms of the Bank and educates the public on the history of money globally and locally, as well as the roles and functions of the Central Bank, through various activities and programmes.

The Central Bank’s Art Collection was started in 1965 and currently stands as one of the largest collections of local art in the country. From time to time, the Department arranges exhibitions of its artwork and in 2004 a coffee table publication about the collection was published that included colour plates of all of the artwork at that time.

Within the Bank, External Relations is the conduit for information being shared via the Intranet, email or printed material, by designing effective ways of communicating information from senior management and all departments, and disseminating it throughout the Bank.