Finance and Accounting


The Finance and Accounting Department's core responsibility is to ensure the integrity of the Bank's financial information and its compliance with both the Central Bank Act and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), culminating with the Financial Statements. The Department also has primary responsibility for the financial information and generation of the financial statements of the following:

  • Trinidad and Tobago Heritage and Stabilization Fund;
  • Central Bank’s Pension Scheme;
  • Central Bank Employees’ Savings Plan, and
  • G-24 Secretariat.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Preparing, monitoring and reporting on the Bank's annual budget;
  • Processing and payment of staff, pensioners and directors;
  • Administration of the Central Bank's Pension Scheme and Central Bank Employees' Savings Plan;
  • Provision of investment management services for the Central Bank's Pension Scheme and Employees’ Savings Plan;
  • Timely and efficient processing of financial transactions for the Bank and its external customers;
  • Preparation of invoices to the Bank's internal and external customers;
  • Contract management and monitoring services;
  • Processing of supplier payments;
  • Generation of bank statements for the Bank’s customers; and
  • Review and maintenance of an adequate system of internal controls in order to ensure the integrity of the Bank's operating and accounting procedures and its financial data.