Human Resources & Industrial Relations


The Bank recognises that its staff is its most important asset and in this regard has developed human resources policies and practices that embody equity, fairness and responsible action. The Human Resources Department is charged with responsibility for attracting and retaining the best human resources and fostering people development in line with our strategic goals.

In pursuit of the objective of ensuring the fullest professional and personal development of the Bank's staff, the Human Resources Department strives to:

  • Enhance the individual and collective potential of staff in the joint fulfillment of organisational and individual goals.
  • Develop and utilise the Central Bank's internal human resources as far as possible before seeking other resources.
  • Foster a climate which provides adequate motivation and opportunities for job satisfaction and challenges for growth and which encourages high levels of performance.
  • Provide compensation and benefits that competitively reward staff for their performance.
  • Ensure that a system of readiness or mediation exists to produce timely and equitable resolution of any conflicts which may arise.