Information Services Department


Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) Division

The KIM Division manages the Bank’s knowledge and information resources and information services to provide relevant resources and services (print and electronic), in a timely, reliable and effective manner to support the Bank in achieving its strategic objectives and priorities. The Division is organized into the following three (3) units:

Information Centre (Library)  

This Unit is responsible for the timely acquisition, organization, dissemination and provision of effective access to a wide range of information resources and information services, in both print and electronic formats, in a number of subject areas relevant to the work of the Bank. 

Records and Archives (R&A) 

This Unit manages all of the Bank’s records throughout their life cycle.

Knowledge and Document Management (KM)

This Unit establishes programmes, systems and processes that capture, organize, protect and facilitate the creation, sharing and leveraging of the Bank’s intellectual resources to build and strengthen institutional capacity.


Statistics Division

The Statistics Division is the main compiler of monetary and financial and external sector statistics on the Trinidad and Tobago economy. The Division also compiles a Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (QGDP) Index and reports on data relating to the Government’s debt and fiscal operations.

The key objectives of the Statistics Division are:

Data Collection

The Division has the responsibility to collect statistical data from a wide variety of market participants, including the banking system (Central Bank, commercial bank and non-bank sector), insurance companies, pension funds, Government ministries, the Central Statistical Office and other Government organizations and corporate entities throughout the local economy.

Data Processing and Compilation

The personnel of the Statistics Division are involved in organizing, summarizing and presenting the data, in order to generate information that is used in supervisory decision-making and the formation of monetary and fiscal policy.

Data Dissemination

The Statistics Division disseminates data in conjunction with the Research Department via the serial research publications and administers the Data Centre and other Statistical output on the Central Bank's website.

Data Development

The Division is committed to the continuous improvement of data quality, relevance and consistency, and aims to ensure statistics are compiled in line with the latest international standards.

Customer Support

The Department responds to data requests and queries from the Governor's Office, internal departments, Government ministries and agencies, multinational organizations, students and the general public.