Support Services Department


The Support Services Department (SSD) is made up of three core units that provide support to the Bank, namely:

Support Services – Administration (SSA)  is charged with the responsibility of providing common administrative corporate services to support the work of management and staff of the Bank.

SSA performs the following core functions:

  • Provides ground transportation for the Bank’s daily operations, conferences and meetings;
  • Disseminates mail internally and externally through a courier unit and external services;
  • Arranges local and overseas travel for staff, inclusive of hotel accommodation and registration of participants at conferences and meetings;
  • Supports departments’ coordination efforts for meetings and conferences, such as the use of utility attendants to move fixed assets and provision of hospitality services;
  • Assists in promoting a healthy workplace by administrating the Bank’s cafeteria, gym and wellness programmes;
  • Maintains the Bank’s telecommunications system and equipment;
  • Manages the car park facilities and meeting rooms; and
  • Provides reprographic services to the Bank.


Support Services – Facilities (SSF) has responsibility for the maintenance of the Bank’s properties (owned and leased).

SSF’s core functions include:

  • Maintenance of  the building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems;
  • Maintenance of other systems including access control, CCTV monitoring, telephone and safety systems in the Bank; and
  • Supervision of various contractors engaged by the Bank to manage these systems.

Additionally, SSF places the highest priority on quality control, which is achieved through routine scheduled inspections of the different systems and of work undertaken by contractors.


Support Services – Procurement (SSP) supports, advises, guides and facilitates the procurement of goods and services whilst ensuring that all involved parties comply with the Bank’s Procurement Policy and Procedures.  Its core responsibility is to expedite the acquisition of goods and services that are required by the Bank to deliver business results.

The services of the procurement function falls under the following three pillars:

  • Procurement Governance: To ensure employees understand and comply with Procurement Policy and Practices;
  • Supplier Management: To prepare and maintain a catalogue of goods and Services with suppliers for use by the Bank; and 
  • Purchasing and LogisticsTo advise and support Management in using the optimal procurement methods.