Upgraded 100 Dollar Note



Scene: Marine Oil Platform

  1. Bird of Paradise Watermark & Value numeral electrotype - EACH denomination banknote when held up against the light will show an image of the same bird that features on the front of the note. On the $100 an image of the Bird of Paradise and a bright image of 100 are visible.
  2. Thread with text - The existing 2mm thread comes to the surface at regular intervals. The complete thread is only visible when viewed against the light and will read ‘CBTT’ and the denomination. The thread fluoresces under UV light.
  3. Blue vertical numbering - Both serial numbers have progressively larger digits.
  4. Series Date - 2006.
  5. Large textured value numeral - Facilities handling by the visually impaired.
  6. Gold iridescent band - A band printed with iridescent gold ink is on the reverse.
  7. See-through feature - When the banknote is held against the light an image of the Bird of Paradise will be seen.  You will observe an engraved rosette printed behind the bird.
  8. Borders - The borders echo the background colours of the note on the front and the back.
  9. Duplex pattern - different colours in perfect register.
  10. Hologram - The $100 denomination carries a silver based hologram in the shape of a shield on the front right of the note. As the hologram is tilted, repeated images of an Ibis and the initial ‘T&T’ can be seen.
  11. Tactile Bars - 7 tactile bars down the sides of the banknote to help the visually impaired to feel which denomination they are holding.