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Upgraded Series 2015 Polymer $50

Bird: Red Capped Cardinal (Paroaria gularis)

Upgraded Series 2015 Polymer $50

Scene: Carnival Masquerader

Upgraded Series 2015 Polymer $50
Key Security Features

  1. Blind Emboss Feature – A small circle of raised dots, on the bottom right hand corner of the front of the note. These dots allow the visually impaired to easily identify the note at all times.
  2. Mask – The red banner across the tail of the Red-Capped Cardinal is an additional upgraded security feature.
  3. Serial Numbers – The serial numbers are no longer ascending in size, but are now a uniform size.  They are located on two places on the front of the note, vertically on the left-hand side and horizontally on the right hand side, below the Spark orbital gold-coloured hibiscus.
  4. Text Removal – The words “CELEBRATING FIFTY YEARS of the” have been removed from above the words “CENTRAL BANK OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO”. The text "1964-2014" has also been removed from under "CENTRAL BANK OF TRINIDAD   AND TOBAGO".
  5. Tactile Bars - 6 tactile bas down the sides of the banknote to help the visually impaired to feel which denomination they are holding.
  6. Series Date - 2015.

         All other features as in the Series 2014 Polymer $50, remain unchanged.



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