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A Response acknowledging the request will be provided and an Applicant Number will also be assigned to facilitate tracking of the Fintech’s Application/request.

Should the entity request Information, using Form A, the requisite Regulator will respond to the request.

Should the entity wish to meet with a Regulator, to discuss their finished Fintech initiative, they should ensure that all the necessary documentation along with the completed Form B or E-Money Issuer Registration Form are submitted.


Once a completed Form B or E-money Issuer Registration Form are submitted the following Steps would be applicable:

STEP 1 – Submit Form B or E-money Issuer Registration Form indicating that a meeting is requested.

STEP 2 – Following a review by the Regulators a meeting will be scheduled with the entity to discuss the Fintech initiative once the Regulators are satisfied that all the mandatory information has been submitted. A complete application must include all the required documents as per Form B.

STEP 3 – The Evaluation Process may result in one of the following recommendations:

i. Approval under existing legislation which may be with or without conditions (where applicable),or

ii. Testing in the regulatory sandbox, or

iii. Objection to or Denial of the proposed product or service.


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