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The Art Collection (Robert & Christopher Publishers)

Showcases the Bank's impressive art collection and contains essays, historical insights and high quality reproductions of the collection. This book is an educational resource as well as a tangible record of our country's rich artistic heritage.

Price: TT$300

the art collection

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An Art Perfected by Practice (pub. 2019)

This publication outlines the history of the Bank and its interaction with importance to the Government and wider society. 

Price: TT$300.00

an art perfected by practice

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At Your Service. The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (pub. 2019)

This magazine gives insight into the softer side of the Bank: its people and their activities, the Bank's role as a corporate citizen and our contribution to our communities.

Price: TT$120.00

at your service

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To order contact The Central Bank Museum at 621-2288 ext 2151/2737 or email [email protected]



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