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Selected Economic Indicators Quarterly

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Date Per Cent Changes (year-on-year) in Real Economic Activity (2012 = 100) Year-on-Year Percent Change in the Index of Retail Prices (End of Period) - Inflation Rate (%) Unemployment Rate WTI Crude Oil Price (US$/bbl) Henry Hub Natural Gas Price (US$/mmbtu) Net Official Reserves (US$Mn) Import Cover (months) Central Government Total Revenue (TT$Mn) Central Government Total Expenditure (TT$Mn) Overall Fiscal Balance (TT$Mn) Non-Energy Fiscal Balance (TT$Mn) Commercial Banks - Credit to the Private Sector (TT$Mn) Money Supply - M2 (TT$Mn) Commercial Banks Basic Prime Lending Rate (end of period; %) Repo Rate (end of period, %)


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