De La Rue Scholarship

In keeping with our commitment to assist in the development of the country’s human resources, the Central Bank invites students at the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) who are pursuing post- graduate degrees in Economics (M.Sc, M.Phil, or PhD.) to apply for the annual De La Rue Scholarship.

The Central Bank’s partnership with De La Rue, in promoting this scholarship, is a strategic alliance  focused on the development of our human resources in areas which are intrinsic to the development of our national economy.

Applicants must be nationals of Trinidad and Tobago and be pursuing full-time post-graduate degrees in Economics in order to be eligible. Applicants are required to submit a 3-5 page essay in support of their application, outlining suitability for the scholarship.

The selection process includes a competency-based interview conducted by a panel comprising representatives of the Central Bank and the University of the West Indies.

Priority is generally given to those applicants who demonstrate critical financial need. However, several other important factors are considered such as technical expertise, field of study, aptitude for research, academic record and class of honours, quality of essay and involvement in community service.  As a condition of the award, Scholarship recipients are required to complete a two-month internship in the Research Department of the Bank.