Issue No.   1432
Issue  Date 27 Aug 2014
Maturity Date 26 Nov 2014
Auction Close Date 25 Aug 2014
Amount 75,000
Term 91 days


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Pensions Sector

The pension sector comprises private occupational pension plans registered under the Insurance Act Chap 84:01. The assets of this sector represent a significant portion of the total assets of the financial sector of Trinidad and Tobago. For example, in 2001, pension plan assets totaled approximately $13.9 billion and essentially doubled to approximately $26.6 billion in 2009.

A new Occupational Pensions Plan Act is being developed to update the current provisions and to ensure that pension plans are governed and regulated in accordance with international best practices.


Semi Annual Return Schedules for Pension Plans

Instructions to Semi Annual Return Schedules for Pension Plans

Active Pension Plans

Pension Plans in the process of being Wound-Up

Registration Requirements