Registration Requirements for an Insurance Salesman

  1. Completed application form inclusive of all of the information requested therein, certified by the Insurer on behalf of whom the salesman will act.

  2. Receipt showing payment of the prescribed fee (non-refundable, non-transferable).

  3. Evidence of having achieved a grade of 60% or greater in the relevant State Licensing Examination or an exemption letter from the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Institute.

  4. The fit and proper criteria must be satisfied by submitting a completed and signed Personal Questionnaire and Declaration (PQD) form.

  5. A valid Certificate of Character issued within six (6) months by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

  6. A photocopy of your "photo ID": Trinidad and Tobago National Identification Card (front and back), Driver's Permit or Passport (bio-data page).

  7. Any other information deemed necessary by the Central Bank.

  8. Registration on a provisional basis may be granted provided the applicant has not failed the State Licensing Examination on more than two occasions.

It is expected that applicants will fully apprise themselves of all the applicable requirements of the Insurance Act 84:01, the Insurance (Agents, Brokers, Salesmen and Adjusters) (Registration) Regulations, Central Bank guidelines and any other relevant legislation. The necessary steps should be taken to ensure compliance.

Queries can be directed to:

The Assistant Manager (Ag.)
Policy and Market Conduct
Financial Institutions Supervision Department
Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
Eric Williams Plaza
Independence Square
Port of Spain


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