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Sybil Atteck (b 1911 d.1975)

As a teen Sybil Atteck was exposed to many art forms, mainly, music, crochet, embroidery, flower arranging and designing Carnival costumes.  She received formal training in 1934 at the Regent Street Polytechnic, London and then later on in 1943 she attended the School of Fine Arts, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri and studies under Max Beckmann, who greatly impacted her work. In 1948 she attended the Escuela de Bellas Artes, Lima Peru.

In 1943, Atteck was a founding member of the Trinidad Art Society, now called the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society.

Sculptor and painter, her work was exhibited both locally and abroad.  Atteck’s style influenced other renowned artists such as Willi Chen, Leo Glasgow, Carlyle Chang and Nina Squires.

The Bank’s Collection has ten (10) pieces by Sybil Atteck:

  • Belair, c.1956, Oil on Canvas – 34.5”x48”
  • Floresta Maritima (Sea Forest), c.1970, Oil Canvas – 23.25”x47.5”
  • Grass Forest, c.1975, Polytec on board – 48’x66”
  • Hosay (Moon Dancers), c.1975, Acrylic on Board – 48”x76”
  • Spirit of Carnival I, 1966 ?, Acrylic on canvas – 66.5”x29.5”
  • Spirit of Carnival II, 1973, Polytec on Board – 59”X 47”
  • Labourers, c.1975, Polytec on Board – 48”x 88”
  • Forest and Sunset, c.1950, Oil on Canvas – 47”x 67”
  • Steelbandsmen, c.1955, Oil on Canvas – 23.5” x 29.5”
  • Portrait of Eric Williams, c.1940, Watercolour – 11” x 17”


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